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Dreamweaver CS4 new feature guide and review

Check out the full walkthrough of Dreamweaver CS4. Learn about the new features and get up to speed fast. Dreamweaver CS4 Learning.

Dreamweaver CS4 Public Beta

Alright, you get a chance to kick the tires on DW CS4
There are some great new features. (The new interface takes the top of the list for me). Look for other things such as the most requested Photoshop Smart Objects (GoLive users smile), also look for added ease with CSS Support and some Spry wizardry!

I mentioned on my site that Im creating a CS3 version of Photoshop and Dreamweaver Integration. Well, hold off, I’m gonna skip CS3 and go right to CS4. Look for it som time in the future when CS4 is shipping.

Let me know what you think of this beta?



Creating a layout in CSS

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NEW: Flash Tutorials

Flash Video Tutorial

Video Player in Flash CS3

Play multiple videos on a webpage.

Adobe AIR (Formally Apollo) extention for Dreamweaver Download free

The Adobe® Integrated Runtime (AIR) Extension for Dreamweaver® beta 1 will allow you to package and preview .air application files directly within Adobe Dreamweaver CS3–leveraging your existing web development skills to build desktop-enabled distributed applications and experiences with the Adobe AIR framework.


Adobe Launches Creative Suite and Dreamweaver CS3

Dreamweaver CS3

Featured Book

How to Wow with Flash
Colin Smith (Peachpit Press)
I have just written my first book on Flash. This Flash 8 book is for flashbeginner/intermediate Flash users. You will find about 80 recepie style tutorials in the book that will teach everything from building a full website in Flash, adding video to webpages, custom mouse cursors, Character Animation, photogalleries, draggable movieclips, new filters, drop down and side out menus, email forms, stunning animations and special effects, music players and tons more. All the source files are on the enclosed CD.
support page

This is the only book on the market that will show you how to combine the latest versions of Photoshop and Dreamweaver to build a visually stunning web-site, from concept to upload of the final site to the web. By Colin Smith -Publisher: McGraw-hill /Osborne and a Video will also b avaliable from PhotoshopCD

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Check out Ten Ton Dreamweaver by Geoff Blake. A good book and a good laugh at the same time.

Colin Smith interview on Ten Ton Books

TIP OF THE WEEK - Backing up your profiles

I remember using older versons of Dreamweaver, there was no way to save all your site settings. If you had to reinstall or purchased a new computer, you had to set up all the site definitions manually and if you lost some password, go through what it takes to get them from the service providers. Dreamweaver MX comes to the rescue with the ability to export your site profiles.

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How to Wow with Flash Video

Photoshop and Dreamweaver Integration video

Flash animation secrets

Flash CS3 Animation Secrets

Chris Georgenes


Flash Cs3 for Designers

Flash CS3 for Designers

Colin Smith

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